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Welcome to Icee Electronics World, we are a technology-based company that develops transactional projects by integrating software, hardware, and support solutions.


Premiun Portable POS Terminal.


Premiun Portable POS Terminal.


Premiun Portable POS Terminal.

Technical Service

Our multi-brand repair and maintenance services are available in important cities across Latin America and the US.

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Our company is unique!

The passion we have for understanding the needs of our customers, combined with innovation, technology, and knowledge, allows us to develop different products and complete solutions.

Our dreams are big!

We want to make a difference in people’s and businesses’ lives. We work with our hearts to make our clients’ and our work team’s dreams a reality.


Our team is looking forward to becoming one of your strategic allies.

Devices Marketing

We provide payment devices from the world’s leading companies. Our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions by adjusting to the needs and technological requirements of our clients.

Distribution of Accessories and Spare Parts

More than seven countries are involved in our business development. Currently, we operate in three countries: The United States of America, Ecuador, and Colombia. We have our main business, logistics, and operational centers there. Every one of our points of sale always has a large stock available of accessories and spare parts.

Technical Service Centers

Our multi-brand repair and maintenance services are available in important cities across Latin America and the US. We maintain certification under the most demanding security standards globally, such as PCI-DSS, at all of our service centers.

Software development

We have built a research and development lab (R&D) for conceptualizing, prototyping, and creating software solutions for our clients. We use agile development methodologies to deliver on our clients’ ideas and projects.

Value Proposition

"Contributing to the growth and development of our clients' operations is our primary objective"

Customized Solutions

Every client and every project is unique. Developing solutions that truly suit our clients’ needs requires us to understand the DNA of their businesses. Unlike traditional models, our solutions meet the needs of our clients.

Low Prices

We provide our clients with the most competitive prices, always with the highest quality, because we understand the importance of optimizing resources. The global strategy we have implemented enables us to offer competitive prices and costs.

High-quality Standards

We offer the highest quality services and products with the help of our trained, committed, and passionate professionals.

What We do

We provide preventive and corrective maintenance of devices from the main manufacturers worldwide such as Spectra, Ciontek, Nexgo, Urovo, Sunmi, VeriFone and PAX, among others.

PCI DSS 3.2.1

The PCI DSS Certification we have maintained for more than three years is evidence of our commitment to the security of the services we provide. With this Certification we endorse that our equipment custody, handling and maintenance processes comply with all safety standards.

Our Team

We have qualified specialists to overhaul devices through the use of BGA, SMD, THT technologies. Their skills allow the operation of the latest technology devices to obtain high precision and quality results for each repair.

Our Tools

As part of our service centers, we have the latest technology tools to facilitate the development of processes as well as the detection of failures. In addition, we maintain traceability of the devices we receive from our customers through management platforms.

About us

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Our History

Start of Operations in Colombia
The constitution and operations of Icee Electronics began in Colombia since 2015. For all our collaborators, this year marks an important milestone.
Start of Operations in Ecuador

Our operations in Ecuador began in 2016. This is a great year for our company. As a result of the trust placed by our clients, we were able to launch operations in this gorgeous country.

Opening of our Hub in Mosquera-Colombia
Our operational Hub was opened in the city of Mosquera-Colombia in 2018 as a way of strengthening our infrastructure and providing greater comfort to our workers and clients.
Opening of our Hub in Guayaquil-Ecuador

As an expansion strategy in Latin America, this year we officially opened our company’s first operational Hub in Ecuador.

PCI DSS Certification for Mosquera Hub

Legal Formation of Icee Electronics in the US

This year, following extensive work and effort, we acquired the PCI-DSS V3.2.1 certification, which also supports our processes and offers an extra security bonus to all of our clients. This certification is an essential milestone in our strategic vision.

A fundamental part of our positioning on the international market this year was the legal formation of Icee Electronics Group LLC in the United States of America.


Opening of our Hub in Quito-Ecuador

PCI DSS Certification for
Quito Hub

PCI DSS Re-certification
for Mosquera Hub

The official opening of our commercial and administrative hub in Quito this year marks the continuation of our Latin American expansion.

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